Welcome to SARAS – CQI’s online assessment system, hosted by ExcelSoft Technologies.

You can access CQI and IRCA online exams through this portal.

Before taking your exam, please read CQI’s Learner Guide for Online Exams. You should have received a copy from your training provider as part of your course materials. A copy can also be found below.

CQI Learner Guide for Online Exams

Please ensure your login details are working correctly prior to taking your exam. When you log in, check that the correct details are showing on your exam dashboard. If you are unable to log in or any information on the exam dashboard is incorrect, please contact your training provider.

We strongly recommend you check you have the required IT equipment several days before taking your exam. CQI’s Learner Guide specifies the minimum requirements.

During the exam, you and your screen will be recorded for invigilation purposes. Your webcam must record your face for the duration of the exam, except when taking a permitted break. You risk being disqualified if you do not comply with this requirement.

If you start the exam and you cannot see yourself in the corner of the exam player as shown in this image, you may have an issue with your camera.

Please ensure the camera lens is not covered. If your IT setup includes more than one camera, this could also potentially cause a problem.

How to check your browser camera settings and troubleshoot camera issues are explained in our ‘Troubleshooting camera issues’ video. You may be required to exit the exam player to change your settings, but you will be able to reopen the exam and continue. If you are unable to resolve your camera issues on your own, please email us at assessment@quality.org.

If you can see yourself as shown in this image your camera should be working correctly and you can continue with the exam.

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